"I always believe it’s better to have 30 imaginations working on a project, rather than one imagination telling the other 29 what to do."
- Trevor Nunn, filmmaker

Filmmaking is a collaborative art - whether it's a videographer shooting for a client or a large production crew shooting for an agency creative director - the success of any project depends on the continuing collaboration of the entire team.

The Production Process

We know that the requirements of every project are different. We can work with clients from start to finish, or step in to fulfill a specific role at any one or several points in your production process.


We work with clients from intial meeting to concept, scriptwriting and budget development. Already have a script or project outline? We can develop the budget and production schedule for you.


We stay involved with everything that happens before the shooting begins; location scouting, prop and wardrobe, set preparation, talent selection & booking and production scheduling.


When the filming starts we can provide what's essential for a successful project; state of the art production equipment and highly skilled video professionals - producer, director, videographers, grips, production assistants, and hair & make artists.


We edit on Final Cut Pro X - the next generation post production platform. It features support for the latest camera codecs and blazing fast GPU acceleration. We also have the complete Adobe Creative Suite, including Premiere, After Effects and Photoshop.


Completed projects can be transcoded to any file format required for delivery or distribution via the web or legacy formats such as DVD or tape.


Our interest doesn't end when the files have been delivered. We stay in touch with clients long after the project wraps and can revise projects as needed to keep them informative, engaging and relevant.

Budget Conscious
video production services

With challenges facing businesses today every dollar spent promoting products, technologies or services counts. We can help you maximize the value of your investment by deployment of smaller, highly skilled and efficient production teams. Our light-weight, portable production equipment package is designed for quick set-up, filming of amazing images and high volume of shots completed per day.

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Types of Projects we Create

We have created a wide variety of videos over the past 14 years. Here is a sampling of just a few of the project types we have created for clients. Select to view videos on our Vimeo page.

Video Production

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