Professional Digital
Video Production

Professional Digital Image Capture
From Studio configurations and Blue/Green Screen shoots, to lightweight portable ENG configurations for location and field shooting.

Our Bi-color LED lighting package features low power consumption and low heat output. They create very comfortable interview sets and are great for filming in mixed-lighting environments such as interior spaces with windows and under floursecent lighting. Our ARRI tungsten package is perfect for that traditional warm quality light & power to light larger areas.

Final Cut Pro X is the next generation post production platform. It features support for the latest camera codecs and blazing fast GPU acceleration. Our main edit bay features a fully loaded iMac i7 and numerous software applications including Tiffen Dfx 4, Motion FX, Pixel Film Studios, Red Giant Universe and the full Adobe Creative Suite.

Your image
is our business!

In the studio or on location our production team is dedicated to creating the perfect image for your brand. We understand what's important and know how to make it happen.

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Digital Capture

High Definition Digital acquisition to delivery, pristine digital throughout the production process ensures the image you imagined reaches your audience.


Digital Editing

Final Cut Pro X and the complete Adobe Create Suite, plus Transcoding to any format for corporate web sites or Social Media sharing.

Streaming Video Services

We offer Streaming Video Services and Webcasting through our partnership with Capro Media Services featuring their multi-camera, portable BlackMagic Design ATEM based teleproduction suite

for Advertising Agencies

From storyboard to screen - Blair Media has over a decade of experience providing production services to Agencies. We understand the primacy of your vision and work diligently to bring your concept to fruition.

for Corporations

We work directly with clients and guide you through the production process - from concept to script, to shoot & edit to distribution - whether on Social Media or duplication.

for Production Companies

Blair Media also provides freelance services:

at work for you!

We provide budget-minded production services tailored to the specific needs of our clients while focused on quality, creativity and detail.

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What clients are saying

"I’ve been working with Blair for nearly three years. Sometimes I have to remind myself that he’s a vendor, as he is truly an extension of our team. He is thorough and highly conscientious about his work and is always looking at ways we can economically improve our videos and webcasts. I would highly recommend him for your video production."
Amy Kweder, VP of Marketing, Rogers Corporation

"van Schouwen Associates (vSA) regularly partners with Blair Cole on our important video initiatives. Blair is creatively talented, smart, technically astute, and he delivers consistently strong results. It is a pleasure to work with him."
Michelle vanSchouwen , President, van Schouwen Associates


Our Equipment


LED Lighting Kits - bright, comfortable, cool, low power consumption. Great for interview sets! Bi-color for mixed-light environments. ARRI tungsten light package for that traditional warm look and power for larger environments.


New! Redrock Micro One Man Crew Director motion control slider dolly. Great for interviews & product shots, the OMC adds subtle motion to otherwise static shots. Its curved track keeps the subject centered and in focus. The iOS app allows remote control from an iPhone - so no operator hovering over the camera.

Camera package:
Panasonic AU-EVA1

Super 35mm with up to 5.7K resolution
422 ALL-I, 422LongGOP & HEVC recording:
? Rokinon matched Cine Lens set 8mm T3.8, 14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85 T1.5,mm, 85mm T1.5, Canon USM L Series: 17-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 100-400 f4.5 ? redrockmicro 4" x 5.65" Mattebox ? redrockmicro Follow Focus ? Tiffen 4" x 4" & 4" x 5.65" Filter set, Atomos Shogun Inferno

Additional equipment

  • Glidecam Camcrane 200
    Digital Juice Slyderdolly
  • Sennheiser 100-P Series wireless lavalier mic systems
    Rode NTG-2 shotgun/windscreen/boom pole
  • C-Stands, sandbags, Matthews flags/nets, relectors
    Source Four Zoom Ellipsiodal 575/ 750ws
  • Matthews 12' x 12' Blue/Green screen with stand kit

Always In Gear

Ready for Anything

Teleprompter and PrompterPro Software for scripts or PowerPoint

Portable Matthews 12'x Blue/Green Screen for studio and location shoots


Focus on what matters

Rokinon matched Cine Lens set 8mm T3.8, 14mm T3.1, 24mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85 T1.5,mm, 85mm T1.5, Canon USM L Series: 17-35mm f2.8, 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 100-400 f4.5

We are Flexible

Fully staffed production crews to smaller agile field production and "run and gun" one man crews